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F18 Carrier Takeoff APK is a free app listed in Action Apps. It is very easy to install F18 Carrier Takeoff app on your

The steam catapult fires the F-18 down the aircraft carrier runway to takeoff speeds.
Adjust the main valve based on the F-18’s weight, including weapons and fuel.
The wind speed also makes a big difference on the proper setting of the main valve.
Too little main valve and the F18 will be too slow.
Too much main valve forces the F18 to accelerate too fast and might even rip off the landing gear!
Also watch out for changing steam pressures (happens at higher ranks)
Adjust with more main valve when the steam pressure is low and vice-versus.

Get to know your catapult and achive higher ranks!

Weapon: f18 fighter aircraft

Class: Modern strike aircraft

Description: Carrier landing and takeoff strike aircraft

This app developed using:
A flight simulator,
fighter airplane/fighter jet visualization
weapon app, weapons background, weapons camera
weapon images, weapons simulator,
combat aircraft, comat airplanes tool
war air craft, war trivia, war plane 3d,
military plane sim, etc

The droid pilot trainee is in the front, the instructor pilot is in the rear seat.

Similar aircraft:
navy f14, navy f15, f22, b2 bomber, etc

Data sources:
internet, defense technica journals, etc

Download APK(v5.0)

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