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動画⇒画像&写真保存/キャプチャー-動画から画像&写真を保存 1.2.2 Apk, Free Media & Video Application – APK4Now

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Description of 動画⇒画像&写真保存/キャプチャー-動画から画像&写真を保存Frame getter, is an app that can be captured and saved as an image by cutti

Description of 動画⇒画像&写真保存/キャプチャー-動画から画像&写真を保存

Frame getter, is an app that can be captured and saved as an image by cutting out your favorite frame from the video! !

Due to specification changes in the terminal of Android 4.4 or higher, I will not be able to save the image to the SD card.
This is not compatible with the application side. Please try one of the following solutions: If you can not save the image in Android 4.4.

· Solution 1
To perform editing and transferred from the smartphone body (internal storage) from the SD card video.

· Solution 2
Select the appropriate location to put a check “Settings” → to “specify the save location” → “Select a location”.

This app is an app that can be captured and saved as an image by cutting out your favorite frame from the video! ! Also at the scene that you’ll miss the birds in the photo, it is OK if you save it as an image cut out with this app by shooting in the video! ! You can also be saved as an image and photo scenes favorite movie! ! Let’s capture & save a picture of your favorite (only mp4 · 3gp).

◎ function
-> Play
· I play videos mp4,3gp.

-> Get an image from the video
– I get the image from a video of mp4,3gp.

-> Other
· You can and move, delete, rename files and replication of video files.

I want 1. videos.
Select the “get the image from the video” 2.
Press the stop in the frame in which you want to get 3, and then press the image acquisition.
4. image is saved.

Videos should be Q. does not appear.
A.Android registers to the database automatically searches for media files such as videos and SD card music. In the state of setting the initial, this app will display a list of videos that have been registered in the database. In other words, the video that is not registered in the Android database will not be displayed. You can also refer to videos that are not registered in the database if you specify a work Sousse.

List of Q. video does not appear at all.
The terminal of A. you are using, may not be able to browse the database well.
Please try the following settings.

I put a check in the search 1. interior region.
If the video does not appear 2. Solution 1, please perform the Solution 2.

I press the Setting button on the upper right. If you set screen is displayed.
I check the three items – “to browse to the folder manually”, “search of the interior region of the setting screen” 2 “subfolder See also” of.
Close the settings screen once 3. (To reflect the set)
4 Once again, I will open the configuration screen.
I check the “Specify a workspace” 5.
Check the “Select a workspace” 6, and then specify the workspace.
(I think that it becomes Toka mnt / sdcard / external_sd and mnt / sdcard. Because different depending on the model, select the folder that contains the string sdcard If you are unsure, please press the bottom the “decision”.)
I will close the setting screen 7.
8 videos will be displayed in the list.

Regardless of the database of Android, you can view by searching the videos that exist folder that you specified in (workspace) below this setting. For example, of course, mnt / sdcard will come also fetch videos folder such as mnt / sdcard / camera in the folder below mnt / sdcard it’s a case of mnt / sdcard. It therefore does not refer to a database, video that is not registered in the database are also displayed. If the folder that contains the movie you want to edit is known to clear, it is better to set in detail, such as mnt / sdcard / camera is faster processing.

Q. setting item is not good enough do not know.
■ I want to display the thumbnail
– (Image that is displayed on the left side of the list) thumbnail will appear if you put check. Processing will lightly and stop the display of the thumbnail.

■ I want to display more information
· I will display detailed information (resolution, etc.) to the list. Processing becomes heavier when you display.

■ search for the inner region
• When you do not specify a workspace, you can search the internal area External area as well (SD card). Since the setting for using the database Android, video is not displayed in the list if it is not registered in the database. When you have specified a workspace, the setting is not related.

■ I will browse to the folder manually
· Area of ​​the SD card other than you will be able to select it checked.
If the box is not checked, processing such as moving files and select the workspace will be only SD card inside area that has been acquired from the terminal.

■ subfolder See also
Workspace is specified, you can explore the video also see a folder in the workspace is checked.

■ Specify the workspace
· I can specify a folder for editing.

■ Character size setting
-Because the character is too large or too small in some terminal, please adjust the font size from this item in that case.

■ save format
• You can select and set JPEG · PNG · WEBP the format of the image to be saved.

■ I want to specify the location
· I can specify the folder in which to save the image. If you do not specify, is stored in the same folder as the extracted video images.

We do not know to do for configure how Q..
It is no problem, especially Q1., But do you entered setting.
You do not need to be set especially terminal that is not happening without A. problem.

Although I’m a disturbing list. Moving Q2 is too many.
Please specify the workspace in procedure A. The following.
I press the Setting button on the upper right.
Specify the workspace folder that contains the video that you want to edit
If 3, if you want to edit not just the folder that you specified in the work space, also videos folder in the workspace inside, put a check subfolders to see. If only videos that exist in the folder of the workspace, you do not put a check subfolders to see.

No longer work Q..
Do you have any free space in the area such as an SD card to save the A. videos? If you are not able to work to have enough free space, you must uninstall once, please try to install again.

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